Civil Division

The Civil Division of the County and Prosecuting Attorney is "the County’s law firm." Pursuant to Wyoming statute § 18-3-302, the Civil Division provides legal counsel for the County, its officials, boards and agencies.

The Civil Division legally represents and works directly with the Albany County:

  • Assessor
  • Clerk
  • Coroner
  • County Boards including the Planning Commission, Fair Board and Library Board
  • County Departments
  • District Court
  • Sheriff
  • Treasurer

Service Areas

They represent and work directly with these by providing legal services in the areas of:

  • Contract review and enforcement
  • Election issues
  • Employment law
  • Property tax
  • Real property sale and purchase
  • Zoning and land use issues

Additional Responsibilities

The Civil Division represents the interests of the County in state and federal courts as well as a variety of administrative settings.

The Civil Division also handles:

  • Involuntary hospitalization proceedings and directed outpatient commitment of individuals suffering mental illness as defined by State statute;
  • Actions where the employer fails to comply with the State department of Workforce Services’ order to pay the unpaid wages;
  • Actions against individual when a nuisance exists to abate the nuisance by injunction;
  • Actions to revoke any Wyoming liquor license or permit for violating State statute;
  • Actions against any person violating the State public records and public meeting act; and
  • In rem action involving abandoned vehicles.